Bose Repair Services

Sometimes in life, things can go slightly pear shaped and unfortunately it’s no different with Bose. Although they are built to an exceptional standard, occasionally things can go wrong. At Snellings, we know just how much you’d miss your Bose sound system if it ever needed a repair or diagnosis and needed to be sent away to the Bose doctors.

To keep you dancing along to your favourite tracks in your living room, if you’ve bought your Bose Lifestyle System from us at Snellings and it needs to be fixed, we’ll loan you a replacement system while yours is away.

Replacement systems will only apply to Bose premium products (listed below). If you have any questions or would like your Bose premium product looked, at get in touch today.

  • CineMate 15
  • CineMate 120
  • CineMate 220
  • CineMate 130
  • CineMate 520
  • Lifestyle 135 Series 2
  • Lifestyle 235
  • Lifestyle 525
  • Lifestyle 525 Series 3
  • Lifestyle 535 Series 3