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Sonos Norfolk

Sonos lead the way in the wireless their extremely popular Play:3 and Play:5 wireless speakers. These devices give you a set of features that go above and beyond that of its competitors but their premium price tags have been a barrier for some consumers. Not anymore, Sonos has now released the Play:1 at almost half the cost of its bigger brothers. If you’ve always wanted a Sonos Play but you didn’t have the cash to splash then you can now enjoy the full Sonos experience at a fraction of the cost so more and more people can join the Sonos family. The Play:1 also comes with a Bridge connector pad, the platform that allows the speakers to communicate wirelessly with the system, and this would normally cost you anything up to £50 with other systems that don’t include it. The Play:1 comes with the Bridge connector pad completely free up until Christmas. The Play:1 comes in both black and white and is an attractive little device that won’t take up too much room on your shelf. But at the same time, is packed with technology like 3-5 inch woofers, class D amplifiers and much more. Black Sonos wireless speakerOnce you’ve downloaded the Sonos controller app you can play your computer’s entire music library as well as songs you have stored on your smartphone or tablet. You can control the player from any device for a seamless transition. You can group speakers together so if you want to turn the music down in the lounge then just press the volume bar and as the speakers don’t use the controller devices sound system you can still make calls, send emails, play games and surf the web as usual without having to stop the music. The Sonos controller app also comes with loads more handy apps like Spotify and Amazon Cloud Player. We can see why people who’ve got a big house get carried away adding loads of speakers around the house and love to play with the controller app and choose different combinations of speakers.   The speakers on the Play:1 are pretty awesome and still work well when separated to provide a powerful and smooth sound that comes as a bit of a surprise considering their small size. They say good things come in small packages and this is certainly the case with the Sonos Play:1. It has excellent wireless signal and a solid bass response considering its size.

Sonos is a premium brand in the Hi-Fi market and the release of the Play:1 means that more of us can enjoy the Sonos sound for less. And, of course we couldn’t not mention how perfect this would be as a Christmas present for those that enjoy high quality sound and know their brands of speakers.