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Kitchen colour trends 2019

Snellings kitchen colour trends

One of the most important rooms in any property, the kitchen is at the heart of most homes in the UK. As a result, it’s often the focal point for renovations and revamps. New trends are constantly impacting on the world of kitchen design, giving us ever more exciting products and aesthetics to enjoy year after year.

One trend that is always changing when it comes to kitchen design is colour. While monochrome might make waves one year, pastels will be in the next. This means you have to pay careful attention to the latest innovations if your new kitchen is going to look right on trend.

To help you plan the perfect kitchen makeover, we’re taking a look at some of the most exciting and eye-catching colour trends for 2019.


Dark kitchen units

For years, homeowners went to great lengths to keep their kitchens light, bright and airy. This meant that most units were painted white or magnolia and that few dark, bold colours were used on the walls, the appliances or the fixtures and fittings.

These days, however, things are a little different. Designers, and homeowners have realised that using darker, more emphatic colours can really help to give definition to a kitchen and give it a contemporary, eye-catching aesthetic. Dark blues, greens and greys have all been increasingly used on kitchen units and for appliances. Smart and sophisticated, dark colours can also help to make a kitchen look cleaner, tidier and newer.

If you want an appliance that will complement and enhance your new dramatic aesthetic, take a look at the Siemens KG36NXX3AG Fridge Freezer in dark grey or the Bosch HHF113BA0B Single MultiFunction Oven with its striking black finish.


Light work surfaces

Although kitchen units may be undergoing a dark and moody makeover, the opposite is true for kitchen work surfaces. In recent months, homeowners have begun to shy away from dark granite or polished concrete surfaces and are opting for lighter alternatives instead.

These white, cream, ivory or natural wood work surfaces can look fantastic when matched with dark kitchen units. Helping to bring your interior to life and really add some contrast to the space, this modern look is the perfect choice for your 2019 kitchen makeover.

Invest in light, bright appliances for your kitchen to match your work surfaces and add to your aesthetic. The white Kitchenaid 5KMT2115BWH Toaster or the cream Smeg KLF11CRUK 50’s Retro Style Kettle are ideal for anyone planning to store their small electricals permanently on their new light, bright work surface.



Copper has been gaining popularity in the world of interior design for some time now. Warm, welcoming and stylish, it works perfectly when used in accessories and in the fixtures and fittings of your new kitchen.

Invest in copper handles to contrast with the dark colour of your kitchen units, or use copper lights to illuminate the space and add character to your interior design. Alternatively, you can simply invest in some copper-coloured accessories for your kitchen cupboards and work surfaces and give the room an instant new look.



As well as being increasingly popular from a lifestyle point of view, green living is very on trend when it comes to colour. Underline the eco-credentials of your kitchen by using green to enhance your units, walls and accessories.

If you want to make a real impact with your chosen shade of green, go dark and paint it on your cupboard doors and units. Alternatively, keep the space bright and modern by opting for a less dramatic shade of light green. Take a look at the Linsar KY865 range of toasters or the Linsar JK115 range of kettles to find the perfect piece for your green kitchen.

Matte black

Take the trend for dark kitchen colours to the extreme by featuring a variety of matte black accessories, fixtures and fittings in your space. The perfect way to set off your work surfaces, lighting and other kitchen features, matte black electricals can look fantastic in a modern interior setting.

Linsar, Bosch, Neff and Miele all produce eye-catching matte black accessories for the kitchen, making it easy to kit your stylish space out perfectly.


If you like the idea of dark kitchen appliances, but feel black is a bit too bold for your interior, graphite is the perfect alternative. This deep grey colour works incredibly well with modern interiors and allows you to create a smart, stylish aesthetic in your home.

Blomberg produce an excellent range of graphite products, including the Blomberg LDF42240G dishwasher, the Blomberg KGM9681G fridge freezer and the Blomberg LWF28442G washing machine. Combine all these items in your kitchen to create a fantastic contemporary interior design look.

Coloured fridges

Although a lot of the colours used in kitchens these days come from a fairly natural palette, there are some homeowners out there who prefer their kitchens, and kitchen appliances, to be a bit more eye-catching. This has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers producing appliances in bright, bold shades. These stylish pieces are ideal for use in kitchens where strong colours and bright tones are a feature of the space.

Smeg is one of brands with the best choice of multi-coloured appliances. Their beautifully designed fridges, kettles, ovens and accessories come in a fantastic choice of contemporary tones. Match the colour of the appliances in your kitchen to create a unified look or add a mix of shades to the space to make an interior that’s truly unique.

Replacing the appliances in your kitchen, or painting the cupboards and units, is a great way to give the space an instant new look. Find out more about high-quality kitchen appliances and what’s currently available by exploring our site today.