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Research shows 70% of Brits are using decade-old appliances – are you?

When you buy a good-quality appliance for your home, you expect it to last. The more you spend on a fridge, oven, washing machine or dishwasher, the more use you want to get from these essential household white goods.

Given Britain’s love of bargains, and the house-proud nature of the country’s homeowners, it should come as no surprise that an incredible 70% of Brits are still using appliances that they bought more than a decade ago. These hard-working white goods are still going strong in the nation’s kitchens, utility rooms and garages, giving Brits great value for money and helping to prevent perfectly good appliances ending up in landfill. So which household electronics are likely to last you the longest and how can you get the most out of your appliances? Keep reading to find out.

Which appliances last the longest?

According to a study published in the Independent, seven out of ten Brits regularly use appliances that are over 10 years old. The survey of 2,000 adults found that 37% of people had a fridge that was more than a decade old while four in ten respondents had an oven that was still going strong after ten years. One in ten people who answered the survey had a kettle that was still brewing tea after a decade, showing that even small, affordable appliances can punch well above their weight when it comes to longevity.

Not only do 70% of Brits own an appliance that’s over a decade old, one in ten of us admits to having an appliance that dates back over a quarter of a century. These ageing pieces have been cooling, cooking and washing for over 25 years, showing that good-quality items really can stand the test of time if looked after properly.

Why do Brits keep old appliances?

Modern appliances are, in general, a lot more efficient and affordable to run than their decades-old counterparts. This makes it all the more surprising that many Brits choose to ignore the latest innovations and stick with their ageing household appliances year in, year out.

However, according to the survey published in the Independent, it’s precisely because of innovation that many of us choose to hang on to our old appliances. A huge 47% of respondents, almost one in two of us, believe there’s too much tech in today’s gadgets. By continuing to use older appliances, these technophobic households can sidestep the latest innovations and continue to use appliances they’re more familiar with.

Another reason for sticking with an ageing product is durability. Almost one in five of those that responded to the survey believed that they owned a household appliance that was impossible to break. Many people believed that these older appliances are more likely to be durable than newer versions. Although this isn’t necessarily true, good-quality appliances always last longer than cheaper alternatives, no matter when they’re built.

Which appliances should you replace?

Although you don’t have to replace any of the appliances in your home if they’re still going strong after a decade, giving one or two of your bigger white goods an upgrade could help to save you money. For example, today’s washing machines and fridges are a lot more efficient than the models made ten or twenty years ago. Replacing your old appliance with a newer model could therefore help to cut the amount you spend on your monthly home energy bills and help your household do its bit for the environment.

The oven is another appliance that can be well worth an upgrade. Newer models tend to cook food more quickly and more evenly than older models. Modern ovens also have a wealth of features designed to make cooking easier and more intuitive. This can help you to get better results in the kitchen and really up your culinary game when it comes to baking, roasting and grilling.

You get what you pay for

Although you can be unlucky with the appliances you buy in any price bracket, in general, the more you spend, the longer your new cooker, washer, dryer or blender will last. Investing in high-quality products from brands with a good reputation will help to ensure that your money is well spent and that your appliance lasts as long as possible. Remember that, although cheaper appliances will save you money in the short term, spending more now could actually save you a considerable amount, especially if your appliance lasts five, ten or even 25 years.

How to get more from your household appliances

As well as spending a little more on good-quality household appliances, looking after your white goods properly will help you to get more use for your money. Cleaning your appliances on a regular basis will help to prevent limescale, grease, and dirt from clogging up their filters, fixtures, and fittings while having broken parts fixed quickly and professionally will prevent any faults that do occur from becoming too serious. Always use qualified tradesmen to make any repairs or alterations to your appliances and use manufacturer approved parts wherever possible.

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The higher the quality of the products you buy, and the better you care for them, the more chance you’ll have of getting the most possible use out of your appliances. To find out more about the importance of investing in high-quality products, or for more information on the care and maintenance of household appliances, take a look around our site today or get in touch with a member of our expert team.

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