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Samsung’s brilliant multi room speakers

Samsung WAM551XU WAM550XU multi room speakers We’re always on the lookout for the latest products and innovations that will transform your home entertainment experience. From high performance TVs to Blu-Ray players and Freeview recorders to camcorders, we have a huge selection of products that will revolutionise your living room and ensure that nights in are never the same again. However, if your sound system isn’t up to scratch, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your set up is, watching your favourite films and TV and listening to your favourite artists will never be quite as good as it should be. To make sure all of our customers get the very best from their home entertainment systems, a range of our Samsung TVs come with free multi room wireless speakers, ensuring that every note and every line of dialogue is heard perfectly throughout your home. Samsung WAM551XU The ultra modern, triangular shaped Samsung WAM551XU is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to bring a little more music into their home. Well-designed, well-built and easy to use, the wireless speaker can be placed anywhere in the house to create a complete audio experience. If you have a smartphone or tablet computer, you can download the Samsung Wireless Audio Multi Room app and control your speakers remotely. By placing more speakers around the home, you can create fantastic immersive sound, bringing all your favourite albums and artists to life in stunning audio detail. The Samsung WAM551XU is also compatible with Bluetooth and NFC pairing, making connectivity with other devices even easier. Samsung WAM550XU Like the Samsung WAM551XU, the Samsung WAM550XUis triangular in shape and has been designed to work wirelessly with a range of Samsung TVs and products. Part of the SHAPE wireless audio system family, the Samsung WAM550XU allows you to install a multi speaker system into one room or every room in your house, giving you the opportunity to set your home entertainment system up to suit your needs perfectly. With clear tones and a deep base, the Samsung WAM550XU will immerse you in high quality sound, bringing both your favourite albums and your favourite TV shows to life. By downloading the free Samsung app, the Samsung WAM550XU can be controlled wirelessly via your smartphone, tablet computer, laptop or desktop. Alternatively, you can control your speaker via Bluetooth, NFC or directly from your Samsung TV. Whether you receive a Samsung WAM550XU or Samsung WAM551XU, free with the purchase of a Samsung UE55HU8500, UE65HU8500, UE78HU8500, UE55HU8200, UE65HU8200, UE55HU7200, UE65HU7200, UE48HU7500, UE55HU7500, UE65HU7500, UE75HU7500 or UE85HU7500 TV ( offer until 3rd September 2014) or you buy these high quality, multi room speakers separately, introducing multiple sound sources into your home can dramatically improve the quality of your audio experience. To find out more or see these high tech, futuristic speakers for yourself, have a look around our website or get in touch with us today.