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The Sony 32 inch Smart LED TV. Perfect for smaller rooms

The best 32 inch TV, Sony

Whilst most people prefer a large screen TV in the lounge, other rooms in the house may not be big enough to accommodate such a large television, or a smaller screen is just preferable. The new Sony 32” KDL32W705B Full HD Smart LED TV has all the features of its bigger brothers. It’s the ideal size for a bedroom, a dining room or even an office. The Sony 32” KDL32W705B is one of Sony’s new W7 series and features the new picture technology X-reality PRO, which makes high quality viewing even better. The 1080p HD brings picture detail and colour transition to a whole new level and with plenty of other new features, this TV is in the front line when it comes to 32” inch screen entertainment. Sports fans will benefit from the Motionflow XR200 which prevents blurred pictures from distorting the image caused by rapid movement and football fans will appreciate the brand new Football Mode. This feature automatically adjusts the sound settings, to boost the viewing experience, by bringing the sound from the football crowd into the room. Just because you’re not there, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the atmosphere – with this TV you can. At half time take advantage of the You Tube live streaming to keep an eye on other matches, or browse the FIFA site, which is quick and simple to find, using Sony’s One-Flick menu function. Viewing online content, photos and flicking between channels has never been so easy. The One -Flick function also comes with an optional touchpad (purchased separately), which lets you change channels, browse and view by merely swiping a finger. The Smart Apps are placed at the bottom of the screen, so not to intrude on your viewing and the Tweet View allows you to keep track of the Twitter feed enabling you to watch and tweet at the same time. Sony’s built in sound system won’t disappoint. If you haven’t got a separate sound bar or home cinema system, you’ll find that the bass reflex box speakers on the Sony 32” KDL32W705B provide a truly powerful sound. Combined with the Clearaudio+ technology, which increases sound clarity against background noise, this slim TV gives a home cinema system a run for its money. The LED Edge technology used on this Sony model means a vast improvement in brightness and contrast, compared to other standard LCD TVs. Colours are deep and rich and viewing is enhanced by the reduced noise and the ease of use brings this TV a step closer to the full HD experience. The Sony Entertainment network is at your fingertips. SEN has a huge range of apps to choose from, including iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and Lovefilm, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Data can be streamed from your NAS drive device, PC or laptop and by using an Ethernet cable or WiFi, streaming can be done from a home network hub. iPhone and Android apps also make it easy to control the Sony from your phone. Watching TV from a phone or tablet wirelessly, is easy with Sony’s Screen Mirroring Miracast, all that’s needed is a wireless connection and a certified smartphone. There’s also a SCART input. The Sony 32” KDL32W705B comes with a stand, which can also be converted to a wall bracket, if required it’s slim, beautifully finished in brushed aluminium and with its excellent picture quality and superb sound, this TV definitely has the edge over its competitors.