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Top Tips on how to choose a new washing machine

Top Tips For Choosing your New Washing Machine

A good washing machine can make life so much easier. If you can be confident your clothes will come out clean every time, that your appliance will never leak and that your washing machine is as quiet and as versatile as possible, your weekly chores will be much less of a burden.

To help you find the right appliance to keep the kids clothes clean or spruce up your work shirts, here’s a few things to think about before buying that brand new machine.

Cycle options

Though most washing machines come with a choice of standard cycles, some offer very specific wash options like sports cycles, bed sheet cycles and fast 15-minute spins. If you have kids who love getting muddy on the football field, enjoy having friends and family to stay or regularly need to give your clothes a quick spin at the end of the day, selecting a washing machine with the appropriate capabilities is a must.


Washing machine capacity varies between around 6kg-12kg. Most standard size appliances will fall into the 6kg-9kg range. If you have a large family or need to wash big loads on a regular basis, a machine at the larger end of the scale will probably be very useful. However, if you only need your machine for standard loads, smaller machines can be more effective and efficient. Beko, Miele, Siemens, Bosch, Zanussi and Samsung all offer regular sized machines that are powerful and reliable.

Special features

Washing machine manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products and impress their customers. One of the latest features that’s been introduced to industry is AddWash. Invented by Samsung and showcased in products like the Samsung WW90K5413UX the innovative technology allows users to add laundry to the machine once the cycle has already started.

Another newly invented feature to watch out for is Miele’s TwinDos technology. Included in machines like the Miele WCE660, TwinDos is an innovative and effective way to precisely dispense washing detergent. Compatible with Miele’s own detergent as well as regular branded products, TwinDos will help to get your clothes cleaner than ever before.

Energy rating

When you start looking for your new washing machine, you’ll see that all products for sale now come with their very own energy rating. The better the rating, the less electricity the machine will use and the lower your household fuel bills will be.

Look out for models like the Zanussi ZWF81443W, the Bosch WAB28162GB and the Siemens WM14N190GB which are all A+++ rated.

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