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Wireless Music around your home

Bose Wireless Music Systems

Wireless Music Streaming

Though cable-free sound systems have been around for a while now, advances in technology and improvements in affordability are making them available to more and more households across the country. Not only are the systems themselves wireless, the streaming services they use are also connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, giving homes a sleek, stylish look and a sound system that can be configured to suit them perfectly.

The technology

If you’re looking to set up a wireless music streaming system in your home, you have a fantastic selection of products to choose from. One of the best known wireless brands is Sonos. A pioneer of wireless streaming, Sonos systems allow you to stream music to every room of your home without a cable in sight.

Bose has created a similar product that connects with the Lifestyle Series II or VideoWave III systems. Once added to your network, their SoundTouch Wireless Adaptor will allow you to stream internet radio or music quickly and easily.

Like Bose and Sonos, Samsung has created a range of stylish wireless speakers and connectors. You’ll need to invest in a network of speakers for your home and then connect them to a central hub to allow you to stream your music. Corner speakers and 360˚ speakers are available to help you create a fully immersive experience.

Streaming services

There is a wide choice of streaming services available for use with wireless sound systems. One of the most popular is Spotify. Free to use if you’re happy to listen to the ads, or you can opt to pay a monthly fee and listen to the service ad free, Spotify is easy to use and boasts an extensive collection of artists, making it a good choice for your all-round musical pleasure.

Another popular option for wireless music streaming is Amazon Music. Though it has just one million tracks – compared to Spotify’s 30 million – the service is a good option if you like major artists and main stream music. It comes bundled in with Amazon Prime, so if you’ve bought the service, you may already have access to wireless streaming.

Other streaming providers include Napster, Deezer and Tidal, all of which require a subscription to use their full range of services.

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